EVP and EAP: the difference

What’s the difference between EVP and EAP?

In the paranormal sense, EVPs and EAPs are gathered in the same way: by use of a recording device.  These gadgets can range in type… it doesn’t really matter if they come from an H4 or a K-Mart blue light special, they are both sounds that are captured while attempting to gather evidence of the afterlife in audio form.  They are most often fumbled across when paranormal investigators are straining to hear any voice but their own from a little doohickey they’ve brought with them to an investigation.

Electronic Voice Phenomena, or EVP, is an audio recording of a ghost talking.  More often than not, these will be one- or two word phrases that have absolutely nothing to do with a question that was asked and should be considered 100% proof that a spirit is trying to communicate.  Sometimes they are crisp and clear sentences that directly answer an investigators questions, but these are only worth 50% proof because it is probably a misinterpretation or some dummy talking.  Electronic Audio Phenomena, or EAP, is a recording of other stuff like eerie sounding music and the sound of equipment that may/may not have ever been at the location.

A lot of people have adopted a rating selection for both EVPs and EAPs and like to label what their own audio captures are when they present them:

  1. A: super duper crystal clear.  Everybody can hear the same thing, without a headset or being told what it is.  These are probably fake so toss these out immediately.
  2. B: darn close to clear.  Most people can make out what is said or heard, but some people will have to be told what it is or swear it says something else.
  3. C: kinda clear, but not really.  These are the majority of really good captures because when they’re played back for people, the person who found them has to tell everybody what’s being said.  This makes the investigator look dedicated and everybody else look dumb if they don’t say, “Ohhhh, now I hear it!”
  4. R: who came up with this one clear.  Played backwards, the EVP says something.  It doesn’t matter if others hear it or not – it’s played backwards.  Only do this if you are an expert and only show this off if you can stand being revered by your peers.

According to ancient paranormal textbooks, EVP and EAP should not be confused with a disembodied voice; both EVPs and EAPs are never heard with the human ear whereas disembodied voices are heard by others at the time.  Of course all bangs, clicks, claps, smacks, dings, rings, bells and whistles are automatically caused by ghosts who do not have the power yet to fully manifest a whispered voice (everybody knows a ghost has to be dead for at least a hundred years for this omniscient ability).  So be sure to tag all of these as a ghost trying to communicate and spread this around.  It doesn’t seem to be catching on for some reason.


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