Different and (not) proving it.

One more article from a self-proclaimed “expert in the field” about how paranormal investigations are “not done the way they are portrayed on television” and I’ll be spewing Para Geek chunks!  About once a month, some much-ado internet blog seeps into the ol’ news feed proclaiming how paranormal shows do more harm than good and do nothing to help advance the paranormal field (three guesses which ones, but really – if you chose any show you’d be right).  Furthermore, “real” paranormal investigating is sooooo much more than what you see on t.v. because these shows couldn’t possibly go into the intricacies of how it’s really done in just a half an hour, blah-blah-blah...

The Para Geek calls Shenanigans.

In an attempt to separate the “real” investigators from the celeb-styled spook chaser shows everyone claims to despise, these experts have failed to produce a single piece of evidence (pardon the expression) to prove it.  No, not whether ghosts are real or not – whether they do things differently.  Not-a-one.

Think I’m fibbing?  Take a look at the tons of videos put out by paranormal hotshots that like to regurgitate this talking point and what do you see?  A bunch of people sitting around, most probably in the dark, asking the same questions you’ve heard a million times before; hit up their website and look for the terminology that over-saturates shows, words like: “evidence, client, debunk” (see Para Geek Peeve #2)…  Read the forums they inhabit and pay attention to how they discuss all the usual suspects of paranormal phoniness…  It’s all there to prove how they actually do everything exactly the same as seen on television!

With the exception of becoming famous, of course.


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