About the Geek

About The Para Geek Blog

What is The Para Geek blog all about?  It would probably be easier to describe what it isn’t:  it is not a well-written blog for starters.  The author of this blog isn’t an English major.  In fact, he never went to a fancy-shmancy kollege skewl. It is not an in-depth review of important and thought-provoking articles meant to stir debate among members of Mensa.  It is not about topics which exclude anyone by race, gender, or their inability to finish a jigsaw puzzle in under an hour.  It is not about kittens.

Yes, the blog title is encrypted pretty well and only the sharpest of tacks will be able to decipher its hidden meaning – and those are the target readers it is meant for.  For the rest of you, I will give you a hint (but just this once): it is a blog about geeky paranormal stuff.  You’ll have to figure out the rest on your own, or else it wouldn’t be fair to the others…

Nothing in this blog – and I do mean nothing – should ever be taken seriously, by anyone.  The point is not trying to prove or disprove the existence of anything or add credit to or defame any opinion.  For those who may be offended by anything found here, I would suggest they take a moment to evaluate exactly why they are even concerned by it.  Really, it would be like me being offended that people don’t take extreme downhill pogo-stick racing seriously…

So what is the point of this blog?  To offer an opinion.  To waste some time.  To have some fun stirring up the punchbowl of the paranormal.  There are a lot of topics out there that crack people up, border on the absurd or are just plain Geek.  It doesn’t matter if people believe in the paranormal or think it’s all bunk, we all have a viewpoint.  This blog just happens to cover one of them.  Nothing more, nothing less…


About The Para Geek

I dig on the paranormal because I find it to be an entertaining hobby.  Yes, I said “hobby!” I don’t get paid for reading paranormal websites or writing paranormal blogs, and I don’t make a living traveling around to places that are supposed to be haunted or pretending that I’m interested in crackpot paranormal theories.  I read paranormal websites, write blogs that are kinda-related to paranormal topics, check out haunted hot spots and dive into crackpot paranormal theories because it is fun and I enjoy it.

Sure, I could collect stamps or learn the finer arts of crochet, but I find those hobbies to be too cerebral.  My interest points to ghosts, cryptozoology, aliens and UFOs – all of that geeky paranormal stuff.

I won’t pretend that I think half of what people call paranormal is real, though.  In fact, I believe less of it every day.  Does that make me a skeptic?  I don’t think so.  A cynic, maybe – but not a skeptic… I refuse to assume anything not readily explainable should automatically be labeled as paranormal just because it looks weird or someone insists it aint natural.  I’ve heard enough stories from people, seen too many of their ghost pictures & UFO videos and had enough of my own experiences to know better.

I have been a member of a paranormal group and have been involved in investigating for years.  I plan on continuing to be involved in one way or another for many more years to come, but the moment I get better at video games, I’m headed for sponsorship and will leave all of this crap in the dust faster than you can say “eat digitized lead, n00b!”