Ask the Geek

I believe in the niceties of casual banter and pleasant chit-chat, like “Sure is my-T-fine weather we’re having today!” and “how do you do?”  Make it about paranormal topics, and it makes for a happy discussion…

Do you have a paranormal question you’d like the Para Geek to answer?  Just post it in the comment box below and I’ll give it a shot.  I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to answer all of them right away (or with the answer you expected), but if I can – I will.

If you click on the box next to the “notify me of follow-up comments,” you’ll know when/if I’ve answered your question with a blog.  All of these kinds of blogs will be posted under the Q&A category with your question posted at the top.  You can also follow TheParaGeek on Twitter and you’ll know when a new blog has been posted.


8 thoughts on “Ask the Geek

  1. Why do paranormal investigators hate shows about paranormal investigators so much? It seems like they’re always putting them down and I don’t get it.

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