Toss Maddie A Bone

Yes, a ghost hunting dog.  Why not?

Other groups have had canine companions accompany them to supposed haunted places, so why is it suddenly an eye-rolling deal when TAPS does it?  Oh, that’s right – because they’re on television.  And as we all know, these sellouts deserve our consternation for it.  You decide if it’s because of the dog or because they’re on television…

Now before people start blabbing all over their Facebook pages about Ghost Hunters’ newest member (too late!), let’s take a second to put this all into perspective: having a dog on a paranormal team won’t end world hunger.  It doesn’t cause babies to cry and it won’t make a difference to your boss if you’re late for work (“But boss, there’s a ghost hunting dog on the boobtoob!”  “Oh, in that case, here’s a raise!”)…  It can’t predict any winning lottery numbers and it will not bring back Elvis.  And really – if it can’t bring back The King (who we all know is alive and roaming distant galaxies with an alien race; his death was a conspiracy), what does it matter?

It matters because most of us have a compelling need to be accepted and the easiest way to do that is by focusing attention away from our own downers.  Like how those jeans really do make your ass look big so you wear a blingy necklace, or that we call other people stupid because deep down we’re not sure if we’re actually smarter than a fifth-grader…  Or the sinking feeling that nobody is really fooled by the fact that our interest in the paranormal and everything we learned about ghosts was by watching a show so we go out of our way to piss on it…

Any group that has investigated hundreds (thousands?) of locations that any shoe-string budget group could only dream of visiting has a little wiggle room to try something new in my opinion.  Whether they deserve a break from the criticism is a personal choice I suppose, but none of us are immune to hypocrisy and we all have dirt to wipe on the floor-mat of self aggrandizement.  Whenever I see a group tossing put downs about some t.v. show, I immediately go to their website and see what they’ve put up for all to see.  Try it some time.

You may think that I’m defending Ghost Hunters and this ratings-grabber move, but my world doesn’t spin around a television show unless it involves people being punched in the junk by carny midgets or being shot from a cannon at a wall of Velcro by women dressed in dirndl.  Yes, I watched the show and really – the dog thing was no more a distraction than spilling salsa on my t-shirt.   So if they want to use a dog, a ferret or a ghost-sniffing parakeet for that matter, more power to them.

Come on, people – isn’t there some evidence to go over?  Isn’t there a case to jet off to or some new scientific piece of equipment to school members up on?  Or is it really all about following the pack of reality t.v. hounds in the hopes of drawing attention away from something?

Just thought I’d ask…