Para Geek Peeve #10

Para Geek Peeve #10:  You should probably be wary of any paranormal group that tells you to be wary of other paranormal groups which do not meet certain standards of professionalism (which, of course, they meet – since they set the standards, right?).  These naysayers often use comparisons to actual people who do actual jobs for an actual living in order to make their point.  They may also have a “to-do” list to base your decision around picking total strangers to tell you whether the noises you’re hearing are coming from a ghost or a just a loose pipe.

Then again, you could at least rule out a ghost if you just hired an actual person who does an actual job for an actual living in the first place.  But explaining how a guy in overalls fixed a loose pipe isn’t as mysterious as explaining how a ghost is rattling things in your wall whenever you flush the toilet.