Three reasons why Haunted Collector is the best show ever

The newest Syfy show to titillate our paranormal senses, Haunted Collector, is great!  The Para Geek would even go so far as to say it is possibly the best paranormal television show… ever!  If you haven’t seen it or heard of it because you have a life, let me give you the breakdown:

Some old guy goes to garage sales antique shops haunted locations, digs through all their stuff and picks out an object that is the root of all the paranormal problems, takes said item to his home basement museum, and boldly states that the haunting behavior has kinda-sorta gone away.


Not only does the old guy get some shwag for his pad, he gets a television show to inspire millions thousands an UNofficial fan website to thankfully tell us that “90% of the haunted items have no significant value” and that most haunted items don’t go over very well on internet auction sites (whew!).  So shut up, all you haters.  I for one don’t need to read any more criticism now that I’ve had the chance to read what’s really going on here.  Let me watch Zaffis Goes Collecting in peace!

If that isn’t enough to trick persuade convince you that Haunted Collector is the best damn paranormal show period, let me toss in three reasons of my own why this show rocks it:

  1. Zaffis is the Godfather of the Paranormal.  I don’t know why, but it doesn’t matter –  it says so on the Googly, so it must be true.  This alone is enough to back up any of his claims.
  2. Zaffis has a crack-team of paranormal investigators behind him, which proves that he is legit – who they are or where they come from doesn’t matter!  I don’t need to know the specifics because I can see that they are uber-serious (they totally called out all them orbs in the Libaree video).
  3. Ever since they moved the time slot for my favorite show, American Pickers, there is now a show that covers my insatiable need to watch people on t.v. rummage through garbage and put them pesky ghosts in their place (which is in Zaffis’ basement museum)!

Still, there will always be the haters and the instigators, the liars and those who want to put out terribly biased articles out there to discourage us from realizing how awesome Haunted Collector is.  As ShockJenn said:

They haven’t done anything half as professional and cool as being on t.v.

Total burn.